We are seeking postdoctoral researchers at any time depending on our funding. In order to join us, some fellowship programs such as RIKEN SPDR and JSPS fellowship are available. Young graduate students are also welcome through RIKEN JRA and IPA programs.

Job opening at present

Title and positions

Postdoctoral researchers, 2 positions


Conformational dynamics of membrane protein complexes and protein-nucleic acids complexes in cellular environments using multi-scale molecular dynamics simulations. To analyze slow dynamics related to their functions, coarse-grained MD simulations and/or free-energy calculations based on enhanced conformational sampling methods will be performed on supercomputers like Fugaku. Computational analysis of protein-ligand binding to regulate their functions is also included in the possible research projects. For more details, see here.

Other opportunities

RIKEN Special Postdoctoral Researchers program

Applications accepted: From February to April. For details, see here.

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship program

Applications accepted: From April to June. For details, see here.

RIKEN Junior Research Associate program (JRA)

Applications accepted: From September to October. For details, see here.

RIKEN International Program Associate (IPA)

Biannual call for application in April and October. For details, see here.